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There are two main types of samples.  One involves attempts to collect viable samples that can be incubated and identified.  This method provides more information and can be important when the occupants of a property have had exposure to a potentially dangerous mould.

Incubation increases the turnaround time between collection and conclusions, but it is more accurate from the perspective of identification. Non-viable samples are easier to collect and can sometimes be almost immediately analyzed.

This type of kit does not identify the moulds, it guides you to the source of the contamination

Results in 3 to 5 days. A built in grid facilitates counting colonies, giving you fast, precise and accurate results.

The sample-ready system uses an easy three-step process: Inoculation, Incubation and Enumeration. With the reduced incubation time of as little as 48 hours along with the flexibility of incubation at 25° C or 28° C.

The 3M Petrifilm Rapid Yeast and Mould Count Plate results in blue-colored yeast and mould colonies and contains technological enhancements that prevent colonies from spreading or overlapping, providing superior interpretation.

Directions for use:

1. Hydrate plates with 1 ml of appropriate sterile diluent using the spreader. Allow hydrated plates to remain closed for a minimum of 1 hour before use

2. Place the Petrifilm Yeast and Mold plate on a flat surface.

3. Lift top film and without touching circular growth area, expose Petrifilm plate to air for about 20 minutes.

4.  Rejoin the top and bottom films.

5. Incubate plates in a horizontal position with the clear side up at 20-25C. Observe plates for growth at both 3 and 5 days.

6. Yeast colonies will be blue-green or off-white in color and will form small defined colonies. Mold colonies tend to be larger and more diffuse than the yeast colonies. The mold colonies are usually blue in color, but they may also assume their natural pigmentation (i.e., black, yellow, green, etc.).  The growth area is approximately 30 cm2. Estimates can be made on plates containing more than 150 colonies by determining the average count per square centimeter and multiplying by 30.

Optional Lab Analysis (€150) is available which identifies the type of mould present.


The use of the Petrifilm plates is limited to the testing of environmental air and surfaces for viable mould spores. The product is not intended for use to diagnose, prevent or cure any disease or condition; see your doctor for any medical condition. The absence of mould on a Petrifilm means that during the sampling period no live mould spore settled onto the film. It does not mean that there are no viable mould spores in the area.

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