Property Inspection

Property Inspection

Our full Home and Commercial Assessments include:

·   Air and Surface mould  sampling

·   Temperature, RH,  CO2, Particulates and Moisture Readings

·    Boroscope inspection of cavities

·    Full Laboratory Analysis and Report from Emlab

 Why should you choose us?

We use the highest quality equipment to allow accurate detection of all types of mould in any space: attics, basements, bathrooms, roof, cellars, crawl space etc. The in-depth inspection also includes complete property assessment for possible moisture sources.

Depending on the severity of mould problem and its location the inspector would use specialized moisture detection equipment, infrared cameras, probes and borescopes to check within walls and ceilings, etc.

As part of the inspection, our professional consultant will:

·         Determine if you have mould at your property or have conditions that can cause mould growth

·         Document the severity of your mould problem

·         Recommend safe and effective mould removal strategy

A thorough survey of your property will identify any damp so the most appropriate remedial action can be taken.

We operate in Dublin, Wicklow, Meath, Wexford and Kildare

For Toxic Mould removal please contact Mould Busters Ireland.

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