Air Quality

Air Quality

Mould Lab specialises in Mould testing / Mould inspection. We conduct a business or home inspection focusing on indoor air quality,toxic mould such as black mould and mould removal.

Mould / Mold / Mildew problems are often left unsolved and the mould is simply removed whenever it appears. Removing mould does not get rid of the problem and it will always return unless the source of the problem is discovered and rectified. Specialised equipment is required to measure the amount of moisture in the building material and thereby trace the path and source of the moisture.

Mould sampling can also be conducted. Air and surface samples can be taken and sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. The concentration and types of mould present can then be reported and a remediation plan to clean up all the mould can be developed. This sampling is critical to determine the extent to which mould may have spread to other areas because mould can be present even if it cannot be seen. Toxic mould is often a cause of sick building syndrome.

An IAQ or “mould investigator” cannot reliably identify a mould genera or species growing on a building surface by the naked eye.

A collection device, slide, cassette, or tape are used with a calibrated air pump to collect airborne particles.

Cassette samplers (Air-o-Cell™) also often called spore traps, use a patented 37mm cassette connected to a calibrated pump (typically at 15 lpm). The cassette is used to collect airborne particles through a venturi -slit onto a proprietary media on a cover-slip which is in turn mounted onto a microscope slide in the laboratory.


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